The human body is composed of moving particles of energy that organize into fascinating pathways and patterns which influence how we function.  When our bodies are flowing as designed, we feel healthy and emotionally vibrant.  However, when an energetic block has developed, it can turn into a headache, backache, muscles aches and stiffness, illness, or disease.  Stress alone can create a mountain of imbalances and illnesses.  Thus, the body is not functioning properly.  The energy now needs to be moved or released to restore balance and harmony.  Energetic healing work eliminates energy blocks and creates balance.

There are many modalities that are available to us today.  Please check the services I provide by clicking on the links.  Remember, one doesn’t need to be ill in order to receive energetic sessions.  We all need a little tender loving care.  Please be aware that these modalities can be given long distance without physical contact. Skype is always an option. Remember, when you flip the switch, the light goes on.  The energy is there!

If you are interested in making an appointment or for more information, please contact Ginny Robbins at (954) 673-0750.