About Us

Ginny RobbinsGinny became an elementary school teacher in 1983. She has been certified in Physical Education and Elementary Eduction for 34 years.

In 1997, she was in a book store and a small book fell off the shelf. She picked it up and it was a book titled, “Reiki”. She then placed it back on the shelf. As she walked down the same isle, the same book fell off the shelf. Ginny purchased the book. This was the beginning of her journey into the energy world.

After reading the book about Reiki, she learned it was Universal energy that works through you. This reminded her of when she had removed pain and soreness from some of her high school and college teammates. She then put the pieces together and realized this was a gift she had and never fully understood how or why it worked.

She then attended Reiki gatherings and learned more about it. Ginny became a Reiki practitioner in 1999 and a Reiki Master in 2003. Over the past nineteen years, Ginny has studied various energy modalities. These include:

  • LaHoChi
  • Reiki
  • The Journey
  • Yuen Energetics
  • Soul Focus Healing
  • The Bars

She has practiced these modalities to help others and help sustain her quality of life through major health issues. As Ginny’s health has improved over the years, she wanted to share her success on a broader scale which led to the inception of Higher Healing Hands.

Understanding the practice aspects of each modality, Ginny has the experience needed to tailor her services to your individual situation and return you to a balanced state of being.


Ginny Robbins you are an amazing healer! My whole life has changed since I met you. You know at first I was a little skeptical, but then I opened up to you and tuned in with your energy. You have helped me heal painful situations from my past. You have helped me open up to my inner self. You have confirmed a strong belief in me; that there is a greater purpose in life than what meets the eye! I can’t thank you for what you have done.” - Maggie, Hollywood, Florida


Whenever I am run-down from school, sports, and activities, my mom takes me for a LaHoChi session and I feel great afterwards.” - Eric, Coral Springs, Florida


I have had surgery on my spine and periodically get pain and discomfort.  I have received a LaHoChi session to relieve my discomfort and the next day my back felt so much better. I was back to my regular activities.” - Nichole D. 17 years old, New Rochelle, N.Y.


The Bars session I received from Ginny was phenomenal! The chronic stress I was carrying was eliminated in one session. Pains disappeared too!” - Ray R. Fort Lauderdale, Florida


The sessions I have had from Ginny have literally healed the pain and stress I was experiencing. Whenever she is in the northeast area of the US, I make sure I schedule a session with her.” - Valerie New York, New York