Soul Focused Healing

Soul Focused Healing is an Ancient Art of Energy Healing that opens the Pathways for Healing and Enlightenment. It is the Path of Return to God by healing the limitations of the personality to live in the exquisite nature of the Soul, aligned with the Universe and the Heart of God. As a soul begins to uncover its true nature it dips into the love and light of God until it merges back into Union with its Creator. The Path of Remembrance takes us on a healing journey through mastery of the limited self into mastery over matter, exposing the true potential of our own Divinity.

By releasing the cellular tensions in our emotional, mental and spiritual bodies through self-mastery, healing, trust, acceptance and love we release the unconscious cellular memory and debris that holds us in separation. By accepting and owning the voices of all parts within us we are able to come to a state of wholeness. As we heal the disowned parts (sadness, hate, resentment, physical, mental, emotional, and physchological pain, and the list goes on and on) with the perfected anatomical design, healing and transformation occurs.

As faith and trust replace the doubt and fear and we heal the pictures that have created distortions in our energy field and stop the limited thinking that keeps us limited and separate, we begin to live a soul filled existence in harmony and balance with the Universe and The Heart of God.

If you are interested in receiving a session please call Ginny Robbins at (954) 673-0750. Each session is one hour in length unless more time is requested. Each one hour session is $75.00.